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Date Speaker Topic / Link to post Handouts / Recordings
6/08/24 John Williams Family Mortgages, and the Latest in Roth Conversions
5/11/24 Richard Hill Strategies for Sustainable Income in Retirement
4/13/24 David Drake, chapter president 2024 Chapter Survey Summary and Takeaways
3/9/24 Dr. DeLon Canterbury How Overprescribing Is Costing You a Fortune
2/17/24 Doug Gerlach What’s Coming in 2024 for Small-Cap Stocks
1/20/24 Dennis Stearns Uncharted Investment Waters: Scenario Maps for 2024 Investing
12/9/23 Carla Payne & Courtney Kidwell Long Term Care Options and Fianancing
11/11/23 Ed Barsano The Impact of AI on Trading the Markets
10/14/23 Richard Hill Retain Your Brain: Age-Proof Your Most Important Asset.
9/9/23 John Kosak Better Returns, Less Risk by Following the Money
8/12/23 Ed Barsano The Impact of AI on Trading the Markets
Rescheduled for November due to illness
7/08/23 James Park The Valuation Treadmill: How Securities Fraud Threatens the Integrity of Public Companies
6/10/23 Kevin Carter Rethinking Emerging Markets: The Next Decade of Global Growth & How to Capture It
5/13/23 Raymond Rondeau AAII’s Essential Investing Principles and Strategies
4/08/23 Bruce Johnstone China, Russia, Inflation, and the Economy
3/11/23 Martin Leclerc Understanding New Realities in a Changed World
2/11/23 Scott Hensley Tax Planning in Turbulent Times
1/14/23 Dennis Stearns Sailing in Uncharted Waters: 2023 Scenarios slides webinar
Date Speaker Topic / Link to post Handouts / Recordings
12/17/22 Carla Payne An Insider’s Look at the Rising Cost of Aging Care in the U.S. slides webinar
11/19/22 Mark Skousen My Favorite Investments Now That The Mid-term Elections Are Over
10/15/22 Dennis Stearns & Courtney Kidwell The Keys To Successful Aging
9/17/22 Wayne Thorp AAII Shadow Stock Portfolio: From Theory to Practical Application
8/20/22 Peter Lazaroff Navigating Uncertain Markets
7/23/22 John Simms, Jr. What’s an Investor to Do? slides webinar
6/18/22 Richard Hill 7 Risks in the Retirement Red Zone
5/21/22 Mike Belotz Financial Alternatives
4/08/22 Ken Winans Financial History slides webinar
3/12/22 Paul Townsend The Future Ain’t What It Used to Be not available due to compliance
2/05/22 Scott Hensley Tax Outlook for 2022 slides webinar
1/08/22 Dennis Stearns Sailing in Uncharted Waters: 2022 Scenarios slides webinar
Date Speaker Topic / Link to post Handouts / Recordings
12/11/21 Dr. Eric Wish Investing and Trading Rules Bases on 50+ Years’ Market Experience slides webinar
11/13/21 Tom Manganello SEC Overview and Update slides webinar
9/11/21 Doug Gerlach Searching for Quality in Small Cap Stocks slides webinar
8/14/21 Jonathon Pond Safe Money in Tough Times webinar
7/10/21 Lori
Van Dusen
Current Market Outlook webinar
6/12/21 Dr. Derek Yonai Business, Relationships, and Flourishing webinar
5/08/21 Amy Smith IBD CANSLIM Investing webinar
4/10/21 Alan Ellman Covered Option Writing webinar
3/24/21 Liz Ann Sonders Recent Economic Trends webinar
2/13/21 Ken Martin/Scott Hensley Tax Strategies slides webinar
1/09/21 Dennis Stearns COVID End Game Scenarios slides webinar
Date Speaker Topic / Link to post Handouts / Recordings
12/12/20 Brad Thomas REITs webinar
11/14/20 Craig Israelsen Portfolios slides webinar
10/10/20 Ken Fisher Market Impacts of Elections & Disease slides webinar
9/12/20 Frank Li Hedging Risk slides
8/08/20 Roger Conrad Dividend Investing slides webinar
7/11/20 John Davi ETFs webinar
6/13/20 Brian Bingham Tools for Investing
5/09/20 Marvin Appel Income Investing slides
4/23/20 Wayne Thorp A+ Investing (AAII)
2/08/20 Scott Hensley Tax Strategies slides
1/11/20 Dennis Stearns Market Outlook slides
Date Speaker Topic / Link to post Handouts / Recordings
12/14/19 Richard Hill Estate Planning slides
11/09/19 Bruce Johnstone Geopolitics and the Market slides
10/12/19 Sheldon Ray, Jr. Investing in China
9/14/19 Jeffrey Hirsch Market Cycles
8/10/19 Lori Van Dusen Market Outlook
7/13/19 Alex Bryan ETF Portfolios slides
6/08/19 Christine Benz Market Outlook slides
5/11/19 Clem Seifert Crowdfunding in NC
4/13/19 Debra Borchardt Investing in Cannabis
3/09/19 Steve Shaw Trading Bonds
2/09/19 Jack Pacheco Growth Stocks
1/12/19 Dennis Stearns Market Outlook slides
Date Speaker Topic / Link to post Handouts / Recordings
12/08/18 Richard Hill Healthcare in Retirement
11/10/18 Gary Antonacci Dual Momentum Investing
10/13/18 Michael DeRose Professionally Managed Futures
9/08/18 Raymond Rondeau Practical Technical Analysis Techniques
8/11/18 Phillip Weiss Behavioral Finance slides
7/14/18 John Simms Market Outlook
6/09/18 Michael Walden NC Economic Forecast
5/19/18 Tony Davidow Smart Beta Portfolios slides handout 1 handout 2
4/14/18 Richard Hill Re-Engineering Retirement
3/10/18 John Dobosz Dividend & Option Investing slides
2/10/18 Scott Hensley 2018 Tax Update slides
1/06/18 Dennis Stearns Market Outlook slides
Date Speaker Topic / Link to post Handouts / Recordings
12/09/17 Benji Jones & Jim Verdonik Local Public Offerings & Crowdfunding
11/11/17 Keith Knoop Fixed Income slides handout 1 handout 2 handout 3 handout 4 handout 5
10/14/17 Roy Johnson Wealth Management Strategies
9/09/17 Chuck Jaffe Mutual Funds vs ETFs
8/12/17 Bryan Johnson Bear Market Analysis slides handout 1 handout 2
7/08/17 Steven Abernathy Shareholder Activism
6/10/17 Bob Pugh Fixed Income Safety Net slides handout 1 handout 2
5/13/17 Ed Barsano Robo Investing
4/08/17 Robert Carlson IRA Strategies slides
3/11/17 Mark Hulbert Investment Advisory Newsletters
2/11/17 Nicholas Atkeson Dual Momentum Relative Strength
1/21/17 Dennis Stearns Market Outlook
Date Speaker Topic / Link to post Handouts / Recordings
12/10/16 Roger Conrad Utility Investing
11/12/16 Michael Osteen Value Investing
10/08/16 Roger S. Conrad Utility Investing
9/10/16 Russ Emrath Alternative Investments
8/13/16 Greg Lee Sector Investing
7/09/16 Marilyn Cohen Municipal & Corporate Bonds
10/11/16 Alan Ellman Covered Call Writing slides
5/14/16 Paul Townsend Trading Signals slides
4/09/16 Elliott Gue Fossil Fuel Investing slides
3/12/16 David Johnson Portfolio Risk Management
2/13/16 Robert Drach High Probability Investing slides
1/09/16 Dennis Stearns Market Outlook slides
Date Speaker Topic / Link to post Handouts / Recordings
12/12/15 Joseph Williamson Internet Security
11/14/15 Larry Hungerford Top Fund & Stock Picks slides
10/10/15 Charles Rotblut Smart Investing slides
9/12/15 Christine Benz Retirement Income slides
8/08/15 Ian Abbott Avoiding Bear Markets slides
6/13/15 Anthony Muhlenkamp Portfolio Management slides
5/09/15 Charles Carlson DRIPs slides
4/11/15 Lori Schock Crowd Funding Regulations slides
3/14/15 John Reese Systematic Stock Selection/Model Portfolios