August 2015 Chapter Meeting

How to Avoid Bear Markets and Catch a Bull

Ian Abbott, Owner, Abacus Financial Services ([email protected])

Many people lost significant amounts of their retirement nest eggs when the market dropped 40% in 2008. Despite what the Fed Chairman and other financial experts claimed, the problem was neither “contained” nor “unforeseen” and, as in the 1930s, was not due to a single event. Instead, the crisis followed a chain reaction of crashes and mini-crashes that extended for more than a decade. Are we now standing at a similar precipice, the brink of another collapse? Can you afford to watch the market disintegrate without a plan to protect your assets from such events? Trusting your security to luck or inaccurate forecasts won’t solve the problem. This presentation will show you how to take action.

Attend This Meeting and Learn…
• What caused the 2008 meltdown
• Nine specific indicators—free online—that can warn you before the next market collapse
• The important distinction between financial salesmen and fiduciary advisers

About our speaker
Ian Abbott is an Ohio registered investment adviser and president of Abacus Financial Services, LLC. He is a long-time member of AAII, served as Cleveland Chapter president for nine years, and is a nationally celebrated speaker at AAII and professional investment organizations such as the National Association of Active Investment Managers. He is also publisher of the monthly The Abbott Investment Advisory. Abacus Financial Services is a tax and investment management firm offering outstanding, innovative solutions for individual investors, sole proprietors, and high-net-worth individuals for the last 20 years.

Speaker Presentation Link:  Avoid Bear Market Handout

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