Making Sense of Investment Risk

Dear fellow investors,

Please find linked here, an article from the AAII Journal, Making Sense of Investment Risk written by Paul Merriman. Paul is a contributing editor to the AAII Journal and president of The Merriman Financial Education Foundation. I thought this may be of interest.

Article Highlights

  • Risk is a possibility, which you invite into your life, that you could lose something important.
  • Successful investors are those who learn how to react properly when the market heads down.
  • While you can’t completely avoid risk when investing, there are practical ways to protect yourself from specific emotional, behavioral and financial risks.

I hope you enjoy the article – perhaps you may want to share it with a friend. Also let me say we all appreciate your attendance at our AAII-RTP Chapter, and participation in our mission to spread investment education to fellow investors.

Thank You,

Bill Terrill
AAII RTP Chapter President