April 8, 2023 In-Person Chapter Meeting & Webinar at 9 AM

China Emerging from Hibernation?
Russia Breathing Fire?
Inflation and U.S. Economy having peaked?
Where Go Economies and Markets?

Bruce Johnstone will discuss:

  • Have geo-political events begun to overwhelm the economic cycle?
  • Has too much fiscal stimulus been undertaken (and planned) to deal with the economy?
  • When including the geopolitical outlook, have stock and bond markets “over” discounted the upside potential?

The presentation will cover the results of the enormous fiscal stimulus already provided (and contemplated) by the U.S. Government, and the presumed economic outlook. Likewise, it will peruse the extent and effects of the ballooning amount of monetary stimulus that has been provided by the Central Banks around the globe. Taking into account the staggering geopolitical factors shaping economies and markets, the outlook for stock and bond markets will be discussed.

The presentation contains copyrighted material, which will be removed from the recording, so the only way to experience the complete presentation will be to attend the meeting live, either in person or virtually.

Meeting Details:

Date: Saturday, April 8, 2023

Time: 9:00 a.m. ET (mix and mingle starts at 8:30) NOTE EARLIER TIME due to speaker travel requirements!

Location: Barwell Road Community Center: 5857 Barwell Park Drive Raleigh, NC 27610

Virtual access: To register to attend the Zoom webinar, please purchase a ticket on our chapter’s Square account

Cost: $7 cash (in-person) or electronic payment (webinar)

Before attending in person, please read:

Due to moderate COVID transmission rates, we still encourage to wear a mask during the entire meeting.

If you have COVID-like symptoms, please join us virtually.

About Our Speaker

Between degrees from Harvard College and Harvard Business School, Bruce Johnstone served two years in the U.S. Navy as an officer on a Destroyer. He joined Fidelity Investments in 1966. From 1972-1990, he managed the Fidelity Equity-Income Fund. During that period, the fund achieved a return of over 1100%, nearly twice that of the S&P 500. This return ranked Bruce as the #1 equity-income fund manager in the nation for the 19 year period. In 1987, he was named America’s Best Income Investor by Money Magazine. During his tenure on the fund, he oversaw all of Fidelity’s Growth and Income funds and chaired Fidelity’s Investment Committee. A Chartered Financial Analyst and Managing Director of Fidelity Investments, Bruce is currently serving as Senior Marketing Investment Strategist for Fidelity’s Retail and Institutional Companies.

Eric Kobren, former publisher of Fidelity Insight, one of the leading newsletters researching Fidelity’s funds in the U.S., has said Bruce ranks “a close second” to Peter Lynch as Fidelity’s best all-time fund manager.

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