July 2018 Chapter Meeting

The Economic & Financial Market Environment Has Changed: Are You Prepared?

John Simms, Jr, PhD, Chief Investment Officer, Piedmont Trust

Saturday, July 14 at 10:00AM
$5 at the door for everyone. No advanced reservations.

519 Church & Conference Center
1100 Perimeter Park Dr #118, Morrisville, NC 27560

The year 2018 is likely to be seen, in hindsight, as the year the economic and financial market environment changed. Volatility has returned, interest rates are rising, deficits are exploding and Washington seems incapable of focusing on critical economic issues. As investors, we must think critically and skeptically about the world around us to make good decisions about how to allocate our capital. John Simms will discuss these issues and debate with us the merits of various ways to protect and grow capital in a highly interactive format.

Attend This Meeting and Learn

  • How stocks typically react after tax cuts and in differing inflation and interest rate environments
  • The value of active equity portfolio management and global diversification in the current environment
  • Strategies that investors can employ to dampen volatility and achieve long-term goals in the face of uncertainty

About our Speaker

Dr. Simms joined Piedmont Trust Company as chief investment officer in 2011. He has over 20 years of experience counseling clients in the financial services and wealth management industry. In addition to serving clients in family office and boutique advisory firms, Simms spent four years in proprietary trading, taught finance at undergraduate and graduate levels for eight years, and enjoys providing investment education to clients and colleagues. He earned a B.A. in religion from Davidson College and a Ph.D. in finance from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Simms is a holder of the right to use the Chartered Financial Analyst designation, and he serves on the United Way of Greater Greensboro’s finance committee and the strategic advisory board of the North Carolina CFA Society.