July 2017 Chapter Meeting

Shareholder Activism: Why Intelligent Investors & Many of the Smartest Analysts Have Labeled Shareholder Activists as “The Smart Money”

Steven Abernathy
Chairman, The Abernathy Group II Family Office

Location: Wake Tech Western Wake Campus, Room 118
3434 Kildare Farm Road, Cary, NC 27518

Saturday, July 8 at 10:00AM
$5 at the door for everyone. No advanced reservations

Who are shareholder activists? How do they create value? How intelligent investors can follow their work and capture returns consistently above the overall market’s return with little correlation to the market. We will discuss some of the best activists in the world, and how you can follow their campaigns for solid and recurring returns.

Attend this meeting and learn

  • What shareholder activism is, how it works, and why it works.
  • Which shareholder activist campaigns to follow, and which campaigns to avoid.
  • The specific steps of maturity in an activist’s campaign and how each step lowers investor risk.

About our Speaker

Steven Abernathy is a financial analyst and currently serves as chairman of the Abernathy Group II Family Office. Steven retired from the position of portfolio manager at The Abernathy Group Growth Fund in 2012. The Abernathy Group II and its predecessors were ranked number 1 in the nation 16 times by Nelson’s World’s Best Money Managers since 1991. For information on Steven Abernathy’s track record and history, please visit his website.

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