December 2020 Chapter Meeting (Webinar)

Brad Thomas Author, Forbes Real Estate Investor.
Brad is a lifelong Benjamin Graham follower. Prior to his current position with Forbes, he was a commercial real estate manager, adviser and consultant for many years. He currently writes weekly for TheStreet, The Motley Fool and Seeking Alpha, where he was ranked the #1 analyst for 2014. Thomas earned a B.S. in business and economics from Presbyterian College.

“How REITs Might Improve Your Portfolio’s Performance”
Saturday, December 12,  2020 10 AM @ the Research Triangle Chapter
Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are tax-advantaged collections of specific types of real estate (e.g., housing, industrial, hospitality, etc.). They do not require special income tax forms. Real estate having recently been added as a sector for S&P, has outperformed the other S&P sectors in distributions, gains and stability. Most are publicly traded on stock exchanges. Because they are not correlated with the other sectors, they diversify stock portfolios. Some frequently increase their distributions. Brad Thomas will present different types of REITs, discuss their suitability and how the present economy may affect their performance.

Three things you will learn:

  1. The types, structure and benefits of Real Estate Investment Trusts.
  2. The REIT sector and performance.
  3. How to use REIT’s to diversify your portfolio

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