March 9, 2024 In-Person Chapter Meeting & Webinar

How Overprescribing
Is Costing You a Fortune


  • The Income SIG will resume meeting on the third Saturday of the month (the 16th in March). The Options SIG will meet on the fourth Saturday (the 23rd). See the Chapter Information web page for details.

Dr. Canterbuy self-identifies as “The Deprescribing Pharmacist.” Typically a medical provider identifies a medical issue and provides a script to the patient for the issue. As we age, we are more likely to enter into the world of polypharmacy. An office visit with a medical provider is typically 13 to 16 minutes. This gives very limited time for the provider to diagnose the medical condition and decide the appropriate treatment and also do a careful review of any drug interactions. Pharmacists are also under significant time constraints and may also have limited time to do a careful review of multiple medications. Dr. Canterbury addresses those situations as the center of his practice.

Questions to be addressed:

  • What are the potential medical costs of polypharmacy?
  • What are the potential financial costs of polypharmacy?
  • How do you know when to evaluate these costs?
  • How do I find a Deprescribing medical provider?

Meeting Details:

Date: Saturday, March 9, 2024

Time: 10:00 a.m. ET (mix and mingle starts at 9:30)

Location: Barwell Road Community Center: 5857 Barwell Park Drive Raleigh, NC 27610

Virtual access: To register to attend the Zoom webinar, please purchase a ticket on our chapter’s Square account

Cost: $7 cash (in-person) or electronic payment (webinar)

Before attending in person, please read:

If you feel sick, please join us virtually.

About Our Speaker

GeriatRx, is a concierge Deprescribing telehealth service addressing overprescribing, polypharmacy, prescribing cascades, and harmful medication use in older adults! We waste $528 billion dollars annually on mismanaged medication use, where 750 older adults are sent to the hospital every day due to a medication related adverse event.

Using precision medicine, personalized care, and genetic testing for drug interactions, Dr. DeLon Canterbury works with caregivers, families, and prescribers on how to develop Deprescribing Action Plans focusing on improving the quality of aging adults by stopping medications that may worsen Falls, cognition, constipation, and a other ailments that affect older adults. Dr. Canterbury believes the proper balance of lifestyle management, diet, and exercise, while challenging the health system which feeds overprescribing, can be stopped when we leverage pharmacists at the top of their license. His services have helped families avoid involuntary committal of loved ones, reduce medication lists from 36 to 3, and has educated clinicians throughout the country on Deprescribing strategies. Having your own concierge pharmacist can not only save your life, but can help save you on time and money wasted on a broken health system.

Dr. Canterbury is a pharmacist committed to treating his patients as if they are his family. Nothing inspires him more than hearing the stories about their cherished memories, life lessons, and gaining from the wisdom of so many high-spirited, and almost unconquerable elderly patients. What brought him to pharmacy stemmed from his Guyanese family roots, where every illness was treated by something natural and plant based.

His mother was notorious for boiling all types of herbs and bitters to help “cleanse the blood” for him and his younger siblings, who grimaced at the fact that it was that time of year again. He always wondered what was the magical, special thing in these plants and herbs that helped him and his siblings to recover from ailments such as colds, allergies, or skin irritations. He became driven to dedicate his life to using the knowledge and understanding he gained to contribute to the successful healing of people through the use of carefully prescribed medications and assessing quality health outcomes.

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David Drake