October 14, 2023 In-Person Chapter Meeting & Webinar

Retain Your Brain.
Age-Proof Your Most Important Asset.

Richard Hill President, Compass Financial Group


  • For the first time since the pandemic, we will offer coffee and donut holes for purchase during the meeting.
  • Our speaker has graciously agreed to join us for lunch at a local restaurant after the meeting. Please join us!

It’s understandable that we are desperate for a quick fix to one of the greatest collective health fears we have: Losing our memory, and possibly our financial assets, because of cognitive decline.

The costs of an unhealthy brain can be significant. The average lifetime cost of dementia is $392,874, which can include medical expenses, caregiving, home modifications, lost income, legal fees, hospice, and end-of-life care.

So, can we financially prepare for the possibility of cognitive decline and prevent, or at least slow, the aging of our brains? More and more, research reveals a powerful message: that we—not our genes—can have control over our cognitive health today and the destiny of our brains.

You are already focused on ensuring your wealth lasts as long as you do. By understanding the simple tips we’ll share in this presentation, you can help ensure your brain stays healthier for longer as well.

Main points:

  • Our brains are often not the same age as our chronological age. “Super-Agers” have younger brains than the rest of us, and there are habits we can form that will help our brains stay healthier as we age.
  • Steps you can take now to prepare for the potential financial impact of cognitive decline if your habits or family health history make this a possibility
  • Sleep techniques, dietary changes and other lifestyle factors have a greater impact than your genes do on whether we’ll develop memory-related diseases.

Meeting Details:

Date: Saturday, October 14, 2023

Time: 10:00 a.m. ET (mix and mingle starts at 9:30)

Location: Barwell Road Community Center: 5857 Barwell Park Drive Raleigh, NC 27610

Virtual access: To register to attend the Zoom webinar, please purchase a ticket on our chapter’s Square account

Cost: $7 cash (in-person) or electronic payment (webinar)

Before attending in person, please read:

If you feel sick, please join us virtually.

About Our Speaker

No one can be good at everything. The financial industry is full of generalists that are pretty good at a lot of things; investments, insurance, college planning, etc. Richard Hill of Compass Financial Group has spent the last three decades honing his expertise in one thing—helping professionals transition into retirement and designing a plan to help them stay there.

Hill doesn’t just dabble in retirement planning, it’s what he does. This focus has allowed him to develop a specialization in the things that matter to retirees such as risk management, Social Security optimization and retirement income strategies. Hill has been doing this through recessions and booming economies, bear markets and stock market bubbles and has conducted numerous private and public seminars each year on all topics of retirement.

As a member of the MIT Age Labs Longevity Council, Hill has partnered with the Age Labs to pioneer a new version of advice that recognizes that retirement may comprise 1/3 of an individual’s adult life and requires planning for the complexity of longevity rather than money alone. This shift is pushing the advice profession toward deeper conversations, and a wider range of expertise in topics related to aging, and the uncertainties of longer life.

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