July 2020 Chapter Meeting (Webinar)

ETF Investing: From Idea to Execution

John Davi, CEO and CIO of Astoria Portfolio Advisors
[email protected], New York, NY

ETF Investing: From Idea to Execution
Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) were originally designed with the long-term investor in mind. While ETFs are now components of sophisticated and short-term trading strategies, they remain the critical building blocks of retirement portfolios and other long-term investment objectives. This presentation discusses ways to navigate the world of ETFs by outlining proven principles of ETF investing.

Attend this Meeting and Learn:
1. Important things to consider when selecting an ETF
2. Active vs. Passive ETFs, “Good vs. Bad” ETFs
3. ETF ideas and strategies to navigate the current market environment

John Davi has 20 years of experience spanning across Macro ETF Strategy, Quantitative Research & Portfolio Construction.  Prior to starting Astoria Portfolio Advisors, John spent 8 years as the Head of Morgan Stanley’s Institutional ETF Content where he advised many of the world’s leading investment management firms in macro and quantitative ETF portfolio construction and implementation.  John began his career in 2000 doing research on ETFs in Merrill Lynch’s Global Equity Derivatives group. In 2017, John founded Astoria Portfolio Advisors, an investment management firm that specializes in Quantitatively driven and Cross Asset ETF portfolio management.

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