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Greetings Members,

Recently, the AAII headquarters in Chicago suddenly and unexpectedly announced local chapters were to close at the end of February. The plan was to shift to national Webinars and moderated virtual regional Facebook clubs, though the clubs had not been fleshed out. As you can imagine, many AAII members and local chapters objected strenuously to this decision. The Chapter Leader Executive Committee, whose membership includes our own president, Bill Terrill, has convinced AAII to rescind this decision for now.

The main objection to AAII’s plan is that it fails to recognize the value of in-person, face-to-face interactions and relationships that our local chapter meetings and Special Interest Groups provide. Before the pandemic, our monthly meetings attracted about 80 attendees on average, and we know of many friendships that have developed as a result. The leadership of the Research Triangle Chapter see value in continuing to provide in-person meetings with invited speakers once the pandemic is behind us.

However, WE NEED YOUR HELP! Bill Terrill has worked tirelessly to keep our chapter going in these difficult times, but needs to reduce his responsibilities. For our chapter to remain viable and healthy, we need at least two new volunteers to join the existing leadership team of John Lentz (Vice President and Librarian), Keith Brown (Secretary and Webmaster), David Drake (Treasurer), and Will Daland (Assistant Webmaster). If you have benefited from and value our Chapter, please join our team!

Please email Bill Terrill [email protected] with your interest.

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