January 2017 Chapter Meeting Reminder

New Year, New President, New Disruptive Threats: What’s Ahead for the Economy and Investments in the “New Abnormal”

Dennis Stearns CFP
President, Stearns Financial Group

Saturday, January 7th at 10:00AM
$5 at the door for everyone. No advanced reservations.

With multiple threats facing traditional bonds and stocks, and special threats to REITs, commodities and other “alternative” asset classes, what are the best options for different investors with different objectives? How will the new president’s “industries of the future” focus affect your strategy? Dennis Stearns, CFP, will again kick off our year with a lively discussion of the threats and opportunities that lie ahead.

Attend this meeting and learn

  • Scenarios for how the new president’s policies may play out in the economy and investments
  • Investment strategies for investors in different ages and stages and risk profiles
  • Risk management in a fast-changing, techno-industrial revolution

About our Speaker

Dennis Stearns, CFP, is an author, TED speaker and award-winning strategist. He is president of Stearns Financial, one of a handful of independent advisory firms that earned the Financial Times Top 300 Financial Advisors ranking for three consecutive years. Stearns has been called “one of the leading scenario experts and futurists in the financial industry” by the Financial Planning Association. His recent Business Journal awards include “Most Admired CEO” and “Most Influential People.” Stearns Financial has offices in Chapel Hill and Greensboro and has been serving Triangle clients for over three decades.