Past Speakers

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DateSpeakerTopic / Link to postHandouts / Recordings
11/19/22Mark SkousenMy Favorite Investments Now That The Mid-term Elections Are Over
10/15/22Dennis Stearns & Courtney KidwellThe Keys To Successful Aging
09/17/22Wayne ThorpAAII Shadow Stock Portfolio: From Theory to Practical Application
08/20/22Peter LazaroffNavigating Uncertain Markets
07/23/22John Simms, Jr.What’s an Investor to Do?
06/18/22Richard Hill7 Risks in the Retirement Red Zone
05/21/22Mike BelotzFinancial Alternatives
04/08/22Ken WinansFinancial Historyslides webinar
03/12/22Paul TownsendThe Future Ain’t What It Used to Benot available due to compliance
02/05/22Scott HensleyTax Outlook for 2022slides webinar
01/08/22Dennis StearnsSailing in Uncharted Waters: 2022 Scenariosslides webinar
12/11/21Dr. Eric WishInvesting and Trading Rules Bases on 50+ Years’ Market Experienceslides webinar
11/13/21Tom ManganelloSEC Overview and Updateslides webinar
09/11/2021Doug GerlachSearching for Quality in Small Cap Stocksslides webinar
08/14/21Jonathon PondSafe Money in Tough Timeswebinar
Van Dusen
Current Market Outlookwebinar
06/12/21Dr. Derek YonaiBusiness, Relationships, and Flourishingwebinar
05/08/21Amy SmithIBD CANSLIM Investingwebinar
04/10/21Alan EllmanCovered Option Writingwebinar
03/24/21Liz Ann SondersRecent Economic Trendswebinar
02/13/21Ken Martin/Scott HensleyTax Strategiesslides webinar
01/09/21Dennis StearnsCOVID End Game Scenariosslides webinar
12/12/20Brad ThomasREITswebinar
11/14/20Craig IsraelsenPortfoliosslides webinar
10/10/20Ken FisherMarket Impacts of Elections & Diseaseslides webinar
09/12/20Frank LiHedging Riskslides
08/08/20Roger ConradDividend Investingslides webinar
07/11/20John DaviETFswebinar
06/13/20Brian BinghamTools for Investing
05/09/20Marvin AppelIncome Investingslides
04/23/20Wayne ThorpA+ Investing (AAII)
02/08/20Scott HensleyTax Strategiesslides
01/11/20Dennis StearnsMarket Outlookslides
12/14/19Richard HillEstate Planningslides
11/09/19Bruce JohnstoneGeopolitics and the Marketslides
10/12/19Sheldon Ray, Jr.Investing in Chinaslides
09/14/19Jeffrey HirschMarket Cycles
08/10/19Lori Van DusenMarket Outlook
07/13/19Alex BryanETF Portfoliosslides
06/08/19Christine BenzMarket Outlookslides
05/11/19Clem SeifertCrowdfunding in NC
04/13/19Debra BorchardtInvesting in Cannabis
03/09/19Steve ShawTrading Bonds
02/09/19Jack PachecoGrowth Stocks
01/12/19Dennis StearnsMarket Outlookslides
12/08/18Richard HillHealthcare in Retirement
11/10/18Gary AntonacciDual Momentum Investing
10/13/18Michael DeRoseProfessionally Managed Futures
09/08/18Raymond RondeauPractical Technical Analysis Techniques
08/11/18Phillip WeissBehavioral Financeslides
07/14/18John SimmsMarket Outlook
06/09/18Michael WaldenNC Economic Forecast
05/19/18Tony DavidowSmart Beta Portfoliosslides handout 1 handout 2
04/14/18Richard HillRe-Engineering Retirement
03/10/18John DoboszDividend & Option Investingslides
02/10/18Scott Hensley2018 Tax Updateslides
01/06/18Dennis StearnsMarket Outlookslides
12/09/17Benji Jones & Jim VerdonikLocal Public Offerings & Crowdfunding
11/11/17Keith KnoopFixed Incomeslides handout 1 handout 2 handout 3 handout 4 handout 5
10/14/17Roy JohnsonWealth Management Strategies
09/09/17Chuck JaffeMutual Funds vs ETFs
08/12/17Bryan JohnsonBear Market Analysisslides handout 1 handout 2
07/08/17Steven AbernathyShareholder Activism
06/10/17Bob PughFixed Income Safety Netslides handout 1 handout 2
05/13/17Ed BarsanoRobo Investing
04/08/17Robert CarlsonIRA Strategiesslides
03/11/17Mark HulbertInvestment Advisory Newsletters
02/11/17Nicholas AtkesonDual Momentum Relative Strength
01/21/17Dennis StearnsMarket Outlook
12/10/16Roger ConradUtility Investing
11/12/16Michael OsteenValue Investing
10/08/16Roger S. ConradUtility Investing
09/10/16Russ EmrathAlternative Investments
08/13/16Greg LeeSector Investing
07/09/16Marilyn CohenMunicipal & Corporate Bonds
10/11/16Alan EllmanCovered Call Writingslides
05/14/16Paul TownsendTrading Signalsslides
04/09/16Elliott GueFossil Fuel Investingslides
03/12/16David JohnsonPortfolio Risk Management
02/13/16Robert DrachHigh Probability Investingslides
01/09/16Dennis StearnsMarket Outlookslides
12/12/15Joseph WilliamsonInternet Security
11/14/15Larry HungerfordTop Fund & Stock Picksslides
10/10/15Charles RotblutSmart Investingslides
09/12/15Christine BenzRetirement Incomeslides
08/08/15Ian AbbottAvoiding Bear Marketsslides
06/13/15Anthony MuhlenkampPortfolio Managementslides
05/09/15Charles CarlsonDRIPsslides
04/11/15Lori SchockCrowd Funding Regulationsslides
03/14/15John ReeseSystematic Stock Selection/Model Portfolios