August 2021 Chapter Webinar

A YouTube video of this presentation is posted at the bottom of this page.

Safe Money in Tough Times

Jonathan Pond has hosted 18 prime time PBS programs and has lectured in 48 states and numerous foreign countries. His many awards include the Malcolm Forbes Public Awareness Award for Excellence in Advancing Financial Understanding and an Emmy award. Over one million copies of his books have been sold. Pond loves to teach people of all ages about money, including, with mixed success, his three daughters. He also shows that money can indeed be funny. He is one of the few people in the financial planning business who recognize that your financial life doesn’t end at retirement.

The 2020 coronavirus pandemic has had and will continue to have a deeply pervasive impact on virtually everyone, particularly on their financial lives. Jonathan Pond will provide guidance to help AAII members cope with the changes and challenges ahead, including adjusting your investments to minimize the effects of future economic shocks, better preparing for the inevitable future and financial tough times that could threaten your financial life and dealing with the changing retirement planning landscape.

Presentation bullet points:

  1. How to adjust to market changes as the economy returns from the COVID 19 shutdown.
  2. How to adjust investments to minimize the effects of future economic shocks.
  3. Understand and adapt to the present retirement planning landscape.